Workshop - A Cool Sweaty New York Practice

Hagabadet i Haga

Feel your heartbeat

Get a taste of the modern, American innovative way to sweat! Join Camilla for an extended version of her high-intensity NY version of Heart Beats Fusion class. Heart Beat is the perfect fusion between a sweaty and fun body workout and at the same time experiencing mindfulness and awareness.
We will deepen the practice by breaking down the component parts of the class.


Discussing the how’s and why’s of the structure of the practice. Then taking that knowledge on-board, we engage in a lengthier version of the physical practice so we can understand it somatically. We culminate with meditation and self-reflective journaling. This will further your understanding of your Self and your patterns, so that you can take your practice deeper, both in her class and your other practices.

Flow of the class

  • Practice of full embodied Heart beats Fusion practice, with Expansion & Contraction. Longer sets as well as more moments to tune in throughout.
  • Self inquire and self support through journaling (bring your own journal & pen) & closing circle.


About the teacher

Camilla Ahlqvist is teaching Fusion Heartbeat-classes at Hagabadet since 2018. Before this she was based in New York, where she trained at Yoga Works in SoHo and taught at various studios around Manhattan. She brings her New York flare to her teachings here.


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Praktisk information

  • Plats: Hagabadet i Haga, yogastudion
  • När: Lördag 12 februari 2022, kl 12.00 – 14.00
  • Ledare: Camilla Ahlqvist

Please note that this workshop is taught in English.


Oridnarie pris: 400:-
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12 februari 2022


Lördag kl. 12:00


400 kr

Workshop - A Cool Sweaty New York Practice



12 februari 2022


12 februari 2022

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