A healthier lifestyle

Are you dreaming of a life in better balance with more relaxation and opportunities to recover from daily stresses and strains? If so, our lifestyle club Hagabadet would be ideal for you.


We have created 3 peaceful oasises in Gothenburg, where you can easily acquire a new start on a healthier lifestyle – Hagabadet Drottningtorget, Hagabadet Haga and Hagabadet Älvstranden. Join us to have a bath, socialize, exercise, take a yoga class or just stop by to take a breath of fresh ocean air.


We offer you

  • Membership – where you enjoy our entire selection whenever you want
  • Day spa – when you want to visit us for a day. We call it PureSpa
  • A wide range of massage treatments
  • Loved gift cards
  • Personal training
  • …And much more


Our information in English may be short, but we would love to talk to you and help you find what you seek!

Hagabadet Haga

031-600 600


Hagabadet Drottningtorget

031-600 600


Hagabadet Älvstranden

031-600 600


Looking forward to hearing from you

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